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Debt Collection Overview

Do you have outstanding debt or problems with accounts receivable and cash flow? Do you have a need for professional debt collection?

Australian Corporate Collections (ACCOL) is a Brisbane based company offering debt collection and related services in the Australian market place. ACCOL specialises in business to business debt recovery, but also works with consumer and personal debt.

It is well known that if you have outstanding debt it is important to act as early as possible to increase your chances of full debt recovery. However in the current economic climate, with many businesses and consumers falling behind in their payments, this is particularly so. Any debt over 30 days outstanding should be actioned. At 45 days it is time for concern. We invite you to pass your outstanding debts to us to initiate strong recovery action in a prompt and timely manner.

We are happy to negotiate a mutually acceptable cost structure based on the volume and dollar value of your outstanding debt. Where possible, depending on your terms of trade, costs are recovered from the debtor. For more information on ACCOL's debt collection services, click here

Legal Action

ACCOL is able to recover the majority of clients' outstanding debt through commercial debt collection activities.

However for those instances where the debtor will not respond to commercial demand, ACCOL can initiate legal action to recover your money. This is not done without prior consultation with you. For more information on ACCOL's legal services, click here

Related Services

ACCOL's related services include:

  • Skip tracing and search services
  • Process serving
  • Repossessions
  • Field services
Why choose us? Our staff are fully trained. Our goal is to provide you with value and performance. Accol’s approach is based on:
  • Understanding your needs and requirements
  • Affordable, cost-effective service with focus on results
  • Commitment to the task
  • Respect for your customer relationships
  • Communication with you
If you would like to discuss your needs and requirements on an obligation-free basis, call us now in Brisbane 07 3397 1600. For other contact details click here.
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